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Hatfield Town Hall and Hatfield City Information

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Hatfield was founded in 1901

Between the years 1830 and 1840 the first families started their journey into this area by trails through mountain passes using crude maps.  During these early years there were various places of trade including a blacksmith shop, lodge hall, sawmill as well as all kinds of industries related to timber and lumber.  Hatfield received it's name in honor of Sam Hatfield who was killed in a blasting accident while working on the new railroad.  The first train made it's run through Hatfield in 1897.  The first town lots were also sold that year.  Hatfield boomed overnight and so fast that additional lots were added quickly.  The first school was built  in 1900 whith the town being incorporated in 1901.  The Star Hotel was the first official building built. 
People realized the need for a church and that year contributions were given for the Methodist Church to be built. 
Until the year 1938, Hatfield grew in size tremendously.  Unfortunately in January 1938, a fire destroyed several businesses which were not replaced.  In the early years, Hatfield was well known for their cattle and crop production using the railroad to transport their items.  It is apparant to anyone reading the newspapers from that time, that Hatfield has always been a generous and caring community.  Each year, we celebrate Hatfield's birthday on the last Saturday in June.

Town of Hatfield
 P.O. Box 6
115 Town Hall Park
Hatfield, Arkansas 71945