Reasons to Visit Hatfield

There are so many reasons to visit Hatfield, Arkansas that you won’t have enough time to visit all those places if are there for just a week. The best thing to do would be to get a tour guide there in order to maximize your stay. One of the most visited places there are the parks namely the Cossatot River State Park and the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Camping, trail and picnic areas can be done in both parks but the Queen Wilhelmina State Park is understandably bigger as it also has a zoo and a miniature golf course. Both parks are ideal for the entire family to visit during their holidays but they will most likely have more fun at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park as the parents can play golf while the kids can look at the furry animals at the zoo. There are also trails there where the families can walk for a few miles before getting to the top of the park where there is an nice view. Of course, you must have your camera with you or else you won’t be able to take pictures with the entire family with such a nice view in the background. It is going to be one of those pictures that will stay in your albums for a very long time because of the stunning view. Because of that, some families won’t have to think twice about going there because they can also spend the night there camping. They don’t have to worry about grizzly bears disrupting their camping because the park rangers have made sure it is safe for anybody to go there.

For those who like to take a look at Indian and pioneer artifacts then Blythe’s Museum has lots of that. It is the only museum in Hatfield, Arkansas which makes it one of the many reasons to visit Hatfield, Arkansas. It is one of those museums where curators would love working at. The amazing sculptures here were made by experts at their crafts. You won’t hesitate to take pictures with them and post it on your social media accounts. The Rich Mountain Community College is a big school that offers many courses to students who want to finish college at a prestigious school. The students and teachers here are first class so your children will certainly enjoy studying here. They won’t regret enrolling in any subject here as all the professors are dedicated in making their students learn in their respective subjects. The facilities of the school are second to none as the students will feel right at home whenever they come to school. It is unlike other schools where you will see the students hate it when they come to school. In this one, they are going to be excited to come to school every day of the week. They will definitely have something to do in between classes as you won’t find a single student getting bored while waiting for the next class.

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